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​We have fun making our premium snack bars. Our bars taste better, stay fresh longer, and are convenient. We’re here to create flavors different from any other snack bar. We’re inspired by "a playful mix of flavors from Grandma’s kitchen and your favorite hippie food store." From our pantry, we maintain a promise to you – a snack that’s good for you.

As a snack food company, Seedbar™ provides:


“Food as medicine” should not be expensive. We promise to deliver something that tastes new, but familiar directly to our customers.


We only use high-quality, plant-based ingredients because they're the best kind for you! ​


We make our snacks in small batches and in time for you to enjoy them as fresh as possible.


Nutrition gives us lasting energy to keep us doing the things we love and being around the people we care about the most. Our goal is to provide you with a better choice for the activities you do every day.

something delicious

We don’t compromise taste or flavor. We fully believe if something doesn't taste good, there won't be much enjoyment. ​

meet carly

Carly Vong, MPH, RD is the founder of Seedbar™. She is a passionate dietitian who enjoys crafts, being in the kitchen, and the outdoors. Carly has expertise in weight management, dialysis care, and research work in multiple sclerosis. She enjoys teaching and working in her community with people of different backgrounds and interests. She doesn’t shy away from new opportunities. Carly started business school but quickly became an entrepreneur by working on her snack bars. She is proud to be a small business owner and student of her snack business school.

FIND OUT MORE AT  shoutout la.

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