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"We love them. Let us tell you more!!"

Show your support. Share how much you love our bars here.

“We loved them! Even Ava, my four-year-old, had a few bites and she’s super picky. I really enjoyed the pistachio one which came as a sampler. The bars are actually quite filling. My baby also loves them. She can eat a whole bar to herself. I am usually snacking on them when I don’t have time to eat a proper meal because I’m running around with the kiddos!”

Luna N.

Attorney & Mom 

to two girls,

Irvington, NY

“They keep getting better!! Is that possible? Just had one prior to going to a ballgame at LMU and I’m glad I did. No concession stand!”

Tom R.

IT Guy & Hiker,

Pasadena, CA

“OMG I just tried the dark chocolate salted almond bar. No joke, IT IS FANTASTIC. The packaging is also very good. I can’t wait to see this on Shark Tank and competing with [Name Brand] bar and the other is NOT as good as Seedbars. Congratulations!  I can’t wait until they are in grocery stores. I think [Name of Grocery Store] in Hillcrest would be a perfect fit.”

Marguerite B.

Lifestyle Coach, Yoga, & Fitness Instructor,

San Diego, CA

“I like them because they're soft!”

Farmer’s Market

Return Customer,

Monterey Park, CA

“The Ginger Chai is insane[ly good]!”

Marlana D.

Dancer & Fitness Enthusiast,

Los Angeles, CA

"The bars are delicious!!"

Laurie W.

Renal Dietitian,

Sherman Oaks, CA

“My mother and I enjoyed these seed bars on a day-long road trip and both loved the salted dark chocolate. The bars were delicious and we gobbled them up! We also felt really good about the fact that these tasty snacks were so nutritious. If I can pay $1.75 for a donut, I can surely pay twice as much for a bar that probably has 10x the nutrition value. Thank you, Carly’s Seedbar!!”

Ingrid E.

Counselor & Farmer, Hillsboro, OR


Karen E.

Retired English Teacher, Oakland, CA

“They’re very good and crunchy and chewy. Perfect when you’d probably be eating some junk food like potato chips. Or an ice cream sandwich. My usual snacks. Or cookies. Seedbars are so much better!”

Michael S.


Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you. My husband also really liked the seed bars. He is the market taste tester in our home. He was not a healthy eater prior to our getting together 11 years ago.  He really liked the chocolate salt, but there was only 1.  I’m going to get more from you.

Glad you are in the market with us!  Carly’s Seedbar™ helps to cultivate a more mature market we have been seeking to establish.”

Victoria M.

Farmer’s Market Manager, Montrose, CA

“I was in Labor and Delivery with my daughter. I was tending to her care and in the throes of seeing the birth of my first grandchild. I hadn't eaten all day and somehow I remembered there were two Seedbars in my purse! Thank goodness for that. Seedbars were a saving grace and kept my energy going for the rest of the evening. I felt full and am happy to say I am now a grandmother!”

Yolanda P.


San Diego, CA

“You're our favorite thing at the farmers' market! So good. I'm so happy you're here!”

Jordy T.


Los Angeles, CA

“I have a sweet tooth. I tried the Maple Granola and since it’s not too sweet, it’s more suitable for breakfast than dessert for me. I like having a snack like Seedbar in my backpack, desk, or car.”

Roberto E.

Engineer & Scientist, Portland, OR

“Truly delicious and nutritious.”

Farmer’s Market Patron


Burbank, CA

“The bars are delicious! I loved the Salted Dark Chocolate and Green Tea equally. The matcha pistachio was really good. Happy to support this small business! Love the healthy, vegan options for hiking. Hope to have more on the trails.”

Alison V.

Senior Marketing Manager & Weekend Hiker,

Long Beach, CA

“As a night shift worker, I noticed the biggest difference in my cravings and hunger. I ate one Seedbar(TM) as a snack and it cut my late-night work cravings when I typically gravitate towards sugar and caffeine and kept me satisfied until I got home in the morning.”

Wing Yi W.

Pediatric RN,
Sacramento, CA

“I am 80 years old and ride up the Verdugo Mountains every weekend. I try to stay in the best shape possible. Boy, the Seedbars have the perfect consistency with the seeds and dates. I really like the seeds and am kind of addicted to them. I like the Salted Dark Chocolate, Green Tea, and Toasted Coconut. I tried the Toasted Coconut and the citrus (orange) in there is like magic. I don't know how Carly does it. I've tried other bars and think these are the best around.”

Doug G.

Mountain Biker & Retired,

La Cañada Flintridge, CA

“We're going on a cruise Sunday to Sunday to explore. San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Ensenada. Your Seedbars are so awesome. I've lost 5 pounds. I think because it's an actual natural food and my body has stopped doing its bloating and freaking out. I sincerely think Seedars are magic!”

Bill H.

Project Manager & Author,

Manhattan Beach, CA

“I tried all of them and they're really good! I've been eating 2 bars in the morning for breakfast and it's been quite filling. My favorites are the Dark Chocolate & Green Tea Pistachio. I will most likely be purchasing more in the future. Keep it up Carly’s Seedbar! I look forward to trying your new varieties!”

Jiaren H.


Santa Clara, CA

“All the Seedbars are great! All-natural ingredients. The very definition of real food, is not processed food. No additives or preservatives. Requires refrigeration. Tastes wonderful!”

Kim S.

Business Owner,

Los Angeles, CA

“It tastes like what a Clif® bar is supposed to be.”

Farmer’s Market Assistant & Foodie,

Alhambra, CA

“Yeah, it’s good! The Raisin Walnut and Maple Granola.”

Farmer’s Market Kid Tester,

Montrose, CA

“The best tasting natural bar on the market in my opinion. Great on-the-go snack!”

Jose F.


Downey, CA

“My granddaughter is a vegetarian. She is cautious about foods and snacks labeled as vegan. I shared these with her, and she loved them! I think Carly's Seedbar's got something special here with the fresh ingredients they use. They just have to keep pitching it to the right people to enjoy the bars!”

Mark S.

Market Manager,

Montrose, CA

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